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I have an exclusively Music oriented website! Visit it here! "Dave's Music" page. Pretty cool title, huh?

Dave's 1st Page WELCOME to DaveCofell.Com with "Games pastels" slideshow. This is the first page that you get to when you enter this website.

Dave's 2nd page PAGE 2 (his fun page!) with World Time Zones, the neat little color-changing thing when you put your mouse on the name of the color, Psychic Test, Planetary Weights, "American Fetish #1" slideshow

Take the QUIZ!!!   It's Nothing that I could answer myself, but maybe you can!
Also an Archive of past quizzes

The Gallery

Go to the Gallery ENTRANCE for a "Greeting" that tells you what day and date it is, as well as what time you arrived on the page, a few sorry excuses about my artwork, "Ash Freeform" slideshow.
The MAIN HALL offers links to various rooms by clicking on an image.

This month's ESSAYS -read mine and other contributor's or contribute your own. Find out the subject of next month's Essay, an archive of past Essays and a list of the rules.

DOWNLOADS of music added to monthly occasionally, wouldn't you like to hear Dave play Guitar? Also read the lyrics. If you're not into it then don't go there.

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Dave would like to give THANKS to all the folks that have helped out in one way or another.

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Let me brag about My Family, the people who are my life. Includes my Father's memoirs.

The Andrew Morsches Gallery.

I guess I'd better tell you about myself. If you're interested in who Dave Cofell is, this might help.